Domain Registration Process

Understanding the financial hurdles faced by non-commercial entities, our mission is to provide support by offering free domain registration services. This initiative is aimed at organizations that are not government-affiliated and operate on a non-commercial basis, helping them to make a more significant impact without the burden of high domain registration costs.

Domain Registration Fees

  • Initial Registration Fee: $5 per year.
  • Post-Validation Extension: Upon successfully validating your organization's or project's non-profit status, we offer an extension of 5 years free of charge.
  • Renewal Fee without Validation: $5 per year.
  • Re-validation Requirement: Organizations are required to re-validate their non-profit status every 5 years to continue enjoying the free domain service.

This offer is extended at our sole discretion, primarily targeting small, secular, independent charities, non-profits, initiatives, and projects. We focus on entities with a broad purpose and geographical scope. Validation of authorization to represent the organization is a prerequisite for availing of this offer.

Required Information for Validation Emails

To validate your organization’s or project's non-profit status, please prepare an email containing the following information and send it to admin(at)

  1. Organization Name: Full legal name of your organization or project.
  2. Contact Information: Primary contact details, including name, position, phone number, and email address.
  3. Organization Address: Complete physical mailing address.
  4. Non-Profit Status Documentation: Attach legal documents proving your non-profit status, OR explain how your project operates on a non-profit basis, including any informal or formal structure that supports this status.
  5. Proof of Project's Existence and Impact: For established organizations: Include track records, annual reports, media coverage, or any recognition received. For digital or open-source projects: Links to GitHub repositories, project websites, or platforms where your project's outputs are hosted or discussed.
  6. Purpose and Mission Statement: A brief description of your organization’s purpose and mission.
  7. Geographical Scope: Information about the geographical area your organization serves.
  8. Proof of Authorization: Documentation or a letter confirming you are authorized to represent the organization. For projects within larger organizations, include a letter or email from a supervising authority confirming your role and authorization. For independent projects, a statement of your role within the project.
  9. Domain Name Request: The specific domain name you are applying for.

Ensure all provided information is accurate and up-to-date. This will facilitate a smooth validation process, allowing us to quickly verify your eligibility for the free domain registration service.